Overview about Sacombank – SBL

As the first leasing company in the joint-stock banking sector, Sacombank-SBL initially joined the leasing market in Vietnam meanwhile the leasing service was quite not familiar with the businesses. However, this difficult beginning could not have halted the efforts of SBL's staffs in converting challenges into opportunities to become one of pioneers by bringing leasing service to businesses. This created an effective capital influx for the economy and played a vital role in decrease pressure for the joint-stock banking sector - this is also a mission statement that Sacombank aligned to Sacombank-SBL since its first establishment in 10th July 2006.

Our operational efforts to establish customer network nationwide and become the financial leasing company with operation excellence in the Vietnamese leasing association are our achievement as a result of being the pioneer role and enthusiasm of SBL in the market to build up the faith for our service and brand. It is also important for us to gain the recognition of market for this kind of mid and long-term credit. Since then, Sacombank-SBL have been sustaining to moving forward strongly in the journey of building up and developing our company in the leasing industry.

Having operating as a prestigious creditor, Sacombank-SBL is confident to fulfill all kinds of demand about investment fund. As a professional consultant,Sacombank-SBL is also proud to going along with businesses for its development. With the objective to become the best leasing company in Vietnam in a near future, wiht our remarkable achievements in last 10 years; Sacombank–SBL has been together cooperating with our partners to develop further and stronger.

Sacombank – SBL is established since 2006 with the initial chartered capital of 100 billion VND. After 10 years of operation, until now, its chartered capital was increased up to 300 billion VND and being trusted by many clients and partners thanks to its leasing service quality in Vietnam nationwide.
Service Award
With the wellknown brand of 10 years history in the leasing market, Sacombank-SBL was proud to receive award of service quality which is rewarded by the representative of Ministry of Trade.
Sustainable Development
Recently, Sacombank-SBL has been serving over 250 clients and provide them credit service throughout Vietnam with the total outstanding debts approx 1.400 billion VND as well as being leader in the leasing industry.

After 10 years of operation, it was proud for us to gain outstanding achievement with the great award for our leasing excellent service "Top Trade Service" in Vietnam in 2010.

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