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What is Financial Leasing?

Financial Leasing is a middle and long-term credit activity through leasing machines, equipment, transportation vehicles and mobile assets based on the contract between Leaser (Leasing company - non banking institution) and Leasee (Customer).

Leaser party commits to purchase machines, equipment, transportation vehicles and mobile assets as requested by Leasee and hold the ownership of leased assets during the leasing period.

Leasee is eligible to use leased assets, make due payment of leasing fees during the leasing period, which is mutually agreed by both party and the contract shall not to be breached prior the leasing due time. When the leasing deadline is over, the leasee will be able to transfer the ownership, buy back or continue to lease the leased asset based on the term and conditions that have been mutually agreed.




Key benefits of Sacombank Leasing service

  No collateral is required
  Competitive interest rate
  High credit leasing supporting percent
  Simple procedure
  Strong financial funding support of Sacombank.

Sacombank-SBL is exclusively the leasing company to receive financial funding support from DFIs such as FMO (Nethelands), Norfund (Norway) and ADB (Asian Development Bank)
We always aim to win-win relationship with our customer because their satisfaction is also our success
Always release financial leasing support timely and be ready to consult as requested
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