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Sacombank-SBL is always actively and creatively being pioneer to build up leasing services, which is well applicable to the clients needs by developing value-added values to clients and often striving to be one of the best service quality leasing companies in Vietnam.

Sacombank-SBL aims to perform continuously in providing realistic leasing service to fulfill client's demand; maximizing values of shareholders; being responsible with the community and society development.

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to Invest in Machine / Equipments and Vehicles to improve your PROFIT?

About Sacombank-SBL

As the first leasing company in the joint-stock banking sector, Sacombank-SBL initially joined the leasing market in Vietnam meanwhile the leasing service was quite not familiar with the businesses. However, this difficult beginning could not have halted the efforts of SBL's staffs in converting challenges into opportunities to become one of pioneers by bringing leasing service to businesses. This created an effective capital influx for the economy and played a vital role in decrease pressure for the joint-stock banking sector - this is also a mission statement that Sacombank aligned to Sacombank-SBL since its first establishment in 10th July 2006.


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    Our Competitive Advantages

    Simple procedure, complete within 01 week
    Interest rate
    The most competitive interest rate in Vietnam
    Credit %
    High credit support percentage maybe up to 80% to maximise investment effectiveness
    Finance Strength
    Always being fully supported from solid financial capability of Sacombank
    No required collateral

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    After 10 years of operation, it was proud for us to gain outstanding achievement with the great award for our leasing excellent service "Top Trade Service" in Vietnam in 2010.

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