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Operating Leasing is an approach of leasing assets, meanwhile the Leesee will utilise the leased asset of Leaser in a specified period and will return this given asset to the Leaser as long as the due leasing time is mature. The Lessor legally holds the ownership of leased asset and receive the leasing fee based on the term and conditions of the leasing contract.

Hence, business will take the leased asset of Sacombank-SBL within a specified period and will return it back to Leaser on due leasing time. This solutions is very effective for businesses to minimize risks of technology change, price, maintenance cost, repaired fees, liquidation expenses. This kind of service is believed to be suitable with businesses which have demand in utilize leased assets within a short period and intention to upgrade frequently its technology or equipment. 


Interior of independent boiler room

Machine shop


Key benefits of Sacombank Leasing service

  No collateral is required
  Competitive interest rate
  High credit leasing supporting percent
  Simple procedure
  Strong financial funding support of Sacombank.